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S544/3/02 · File · 1924.02-1924.09
Part of League of Nations Refugees Mixed Archival Group (Nansen Fonds)

File contains mainly money advanced to refugee organisations and individuals with signed guarantees of their repayment; a letter of appointment to renew the appointment of A. Kotelnikov as Representative of the Office in Greece, a LON document (A.21.1938.XII) on "les problèmes concernant les réfugiés russes, arméniens, assyriens, assyro-chaldéens, de la Sarre et turcs" and the report (C.A.156 1938) from the "Comité de direction & Commission des finances".

S544/3/03 · File · 1924.10-1928 (ca.)
Part of League of Nations Refugees Mixed Archival Group (Nansen Fonds)

File contains correspondence on the League policy on the evacuation of Armenian refugees in Greece; form for renewal of identity card, visa registration list, questionnaire "enseignement supérieur des refugiés", evacuation lists; a protest letter regarding auction sales of real estates belonging to Armenians of Smyrne; censure of Armenian in the Athens and Piree.

S544/3/06 · File · 1930.04-1934.06
Part of League of Nations Refugees Mixed Archival Group (Nansen Fonds)

File contains mainly financial documents and correspondence relating to refugee evacuation operations, a list of Armenian refugees needing financial assistance and a LON document (C.61.M.23.1923) "Russian Refugees - Report by Dr. Hansen" dated 24 January 1923.

File contains mainly identity certificates, telegrams on visitors to Greek office, LON document (C.50me Session/P.V.5(1) on the "Procédure à suivre par le Conseil dans l'examen de la question du traitement des personnes de race et de langue lithuaniennes dans la région de Vilna", correspondence with the Greek government and Geneva Office on the evacuation operations of Russian refugees in Greece, reporting on the number and condition of Armenian refugees in different camps in Greece. Includes accounts.

File contains information on the situation of Circassian refugees in Greece, Greek authorities communicated sample of identity certificate for Armenian refugees which was similar to the one issued to Russian refugees, minutes of meeting with Greek authorities, number of Armenian refugees in Salonica.
Creator: High Commissariat for Refugees Salonica Office - Armenian Section, later International Labour Office - League of Nations Refugee Section.

The file contains Greek government's reply to questionnaire relating to future organisation of refugee work, copy of questionnaire, statistics of refugees from different origins arrived in Sao Brazil, arrangement with a French bank to grant agricultural credits to refugees and their repayment, LON documents C.609.M.236.1930.X on "Rapports adoptés par la Commission de contrôle à sa 39ème session - Organisation future de de l'oeuvre des réfugiés", A.75.1930.XIII, A.23.1929.VII and A.30.1927 on "Réfugiés russes, arméniens, assyriens, assyro-chaldéens et turcs", C.47me Session/P.V./5(1).1927 on "Retablissement des réfugiés arméniens", A.90.1927.IV, A.33.1927 and A.125.1927.VIII on "Mesures en faveur des réfugiés russes et arméniens", 3eC.G.C.T.1(Vol.II) on "3me conférence générale des communications et du transit - pièces d'identité pour personnes sans nationalité", A.48.1927.VIII "Réfugiés russes et arméniens", excerpt No.60 on the "Statuts de l'Office international Nansen pour les réfugiés", C/59meSession/P.V.3(1) on "Hommage rendu à la mémoire du Dr Nansen", C./61me Session/P.V.8(1) "Création à Paris d'une Ecole internationale de Hautes Etudes d'hygiène: Propositions du Gouvernement français", correspondence on the replacement of the Nansen certificate, the feasibility of creating a National Committee for the prosecution of the appeal for a Nansen Memorial Fund. The file contains records of a diverse nature, in addition to the correspondence between headquarters and the Greek delegation and accounts.