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Registry files

The Registry, Records and Mailing Section represented the central processing unit of the Secretariat of the League of Nations which was responsible for registering, placing on file, and indexing of incoming and outgoing documents. For Nansen fonds the Registry classification is important in such a way that, especially for the first period of work of the Office of the High Commissioner for Refugees (1919-1930), this Office did not have a separate processing unit, thus, all documents were processed for it through the Registry. The situation changed in 1930 with the establishment of the Nansen Office for Refugees, which created and processed its own documents (using higher numbers starting with 80 000), while still having used/assembled old Registry files.

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Commission Files

"Commission files" represent the files of the units of the Secretariat which were produced and indexed outside of the Registry, that is those, in the case of Nansen fonds, of external missions, offices, delegations of the High Commissioner for Refugees as well as, for example, of those of the autonomous Nansen Office for Refugees (1930-1938), or of High Commissioner for Refugees in London. Nevertheless, in some cases, Commission files also include some "pure" Registry files as in the series "Nansen Office for Refugees" (1930-1938) and "Liquidator of the Nansen Office in Paris" (1939-1947).

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Section Files

"Section files" represent files of certain Sections of the Secretariat of the League of Nations which were kept in parallel with those of the Registry. Within the Nansen fonds these include one file from the Political Section (1930), files of the Evian intergovernmental conference (1938-39), and archives of the Delegation in Greece (1924-1941).

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Prisoners of War
42 (Reg. 19-27) · Sub-series · 1920-1924
Fait partie de Groupe d’archives mixtes sur les réfugiés (Fonds mixte Nansen)

Files in this sub-series reflect the activities of F. Nansen as High Commissioner for Prisoners of War (later High Commissioner for Russian Refugees), of the League of Nations and of the International Committee of the Red Cross on the repatriation of prisoners of war of various nationalities mainly from Russia after the World War I.
This sub-series contains official League of Nations documents, administrative, financial, and other documentation, correspondence, printed documents of external origin (newsletters), some photographs.

S544/3/01 · Dossier · 1924.02-1924.09
Fait partie de Groupe d’archives mixtes sur les réfugiés (Fonds mixte Nansen)

File contains press article, correspondence concerning the establishment of the Greek Delegation office in Athens, organisation of evacuation operations, periodic reports on the number and destination of refugees evacuated, financial matters, minutes of meetings, a note verbale on the "evacuation de Grèce des réfugiés arméniens sous aspect général", LON report (C.210.1929.VII) and procès-verbal (C.55me Session/P.V.2(1)) on "refugiés russes, arméniens, assyriens, assyro-chaldéens et turcs".

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