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20 résultats avec objets numériques Afficher les résultats avec des objets numériques
28 February 1936
Pp 274/1/90-93 · Document · 1936.02.28
Fait partie de Private Archives

Senator Boeck (Education) and President of Volkstag E. Beyl; Regierungs-Präsident Budding from East Prussia; A. Eden's first official parliamentary speech as Foreign Minister; inspection and censorship of S. Lester's letter to J. Avenol by the Nazis.

Document · 1936.10.01
Fait partie de Private Archives

Extract from the "Scotsman": proposal made by J. Avenol, League of Nations Secretary-General, to appoint S. Lester as Deputy Secretary-General, but the appointment should not be made until S. Lester's successor had been appointed in Danzig; new appointment within the League of Nations Committee of Three in charge of Danzig affairs.