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Document · 1934.01.24
Part of Private Archives

Extracts from the "Hamburgischer Correspondent" headed "Empfang Lesters in Danzig"; "Der Westen" (Berlin) entitled "Der neue Völkerbundskommissar in Danzig"; "Deutsche Allgemeine Zeitung" (Berlin) entitled "Dienstantritt Lesters in Danzig"; and "Forster Tageblatt" (Forst) entitled "Der neue Völkerbundskommissar" on S. Lester welcomed at Danzig and his new duties .

Document · 1934.01.25
Part of Private Archives

Press interview: further to an article published by the "Krakauer Illustrierte Kurier" of 24 January 1934, under the title "Mr. Forster must disappear from Danzig", the Danzig reporter of the "Deutsche Zeitung" asked President H. Rauschning to answer the three following questions: 1. Danzig's policy of peace 2. Measures concerning formation of prices 3. State and Party.

Document · 1934.02.28
Part of Private Archives

Extract from "Le Matin" on the political crisis between H. Rauschning, President of the Danzig national-socialist Senate and A. Forster, chief of the national-socialist party of the Free City of Danzig: A. Forster's desire to supplant H. Rauschning.

Document · 1934.11.24
Part of Private Archives

Extract from the "Journal des Nations" on the conflict between H. Rauschning and Gauleiter A. Forster leading to H. Rauschning's resignation and A. Forster's victory, who was not even originating from Danzig and who requested the suppression of all opposition parties as well as of the League of Nations' supervision over the Free City of Danzig.

Document · 1935.03.18
Part of Private Archives

Invitation to National Socialist demonstration: S. Lester refused the invitation, the Italian Consul di Lieto and the German Consul were the only ones to attend the demonstration; complaint from an American citizen attacked by SA men in Danzig; activities of the teachers organization; talk between K. Papée and A. Forster on Polish press; A. Forster regarded as a revisionist by the Polish opinion; A. Forster's official newspaper heading "Zurück zum Reich"; Government's proclamation on the Volkstag elections; A. Forster's elections appeal; National Socialist opening of elections campaign; German denunciation of the Treaty of Versailles military clauses; Zentrum Party meetings.

Document · 1936
Part of Private Archives

After the new drastic decrees issued by the Danzig Nazi Government abolishing the rights and freedom guaranteed by the Danzig Constitution, A. Forster, Nazi leader of Danzig, declared in a violent speech attacking the League of Nations High Commissioner that Danzig no longer needed S. Lester's help.