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1285/181/8 · Dossier · 1922-1925
Fait partie de Groupe d’archives mixtes sur les réfugiés (Fonds mixte Nansen)

This file contains translations of press articles and correspondence regarding the repatriation of refugees from Yugoslavia and Bulgaria. Articles translated appeared in the Russian press (RUL) and forwarded to Major T.F. Johnson, Head of the Refugee Service. It also contains a press communiqué issued by the I.L.O. on 17 July 1925 regarding the events leading up to the situation in Constantinople of the Russian Refugees who embarked on the sailing boat Triton at Varna in March 1925.

17 July 1940 (1)
274/1/487-489 · Document · 1940.07.17
Fait partie de Private Archives

J. Avenol's proposals to T. Aghnides (Greece), League of Nations Under Secretary-General: T. Aghnides in charge of the remnants of the League of Nations Secretariat but with restricted powers, while J. Avenol in semi-retirement, T. Aghnides wanted to resign, J. Avenol refused; J. Avenol's proposals: exclusion of the "Anglo-Saxon world" (Great Britain and America) from Europe; Swiss Authorities would not mind the disappearance of the League of Nations, the removal of some technical sections to other countries and the resignation of the Secretary-General; J. Avenol tried to get S. Lester's resignation.