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C1518/414/20A/23916/17460 · Dossier · 1930-1931
Fait partie de Groupe d’archives mixtes sur les réfugiés (Fonds mixte Nansen)

Subject of the file: Securing employment for refugees for the construction of the pipe-line. Includes notes exchanged with the Information and Mandates Section and Armenian, English, French and German language press (London, Geneva, Paris, New York) cuttings as well as an excerpt of the Official Gazette (Palestine) with the Convention concluded between the Irak Petroleum Company and the British High Commissioner for the Palestine, article XI concerned employment of workers.

Document · 1932.04.19
Fait partie de Private Archives

Extract from the "Journal de Genève": further to the Shanghai conference, the armistice condition between China and Japan was the withdrawal of the Japanese troops, S. Lester proposed the Mixed Committee to be responsible to find a solution that would be accepted by both parties concerned.