League of Nations Secretariat

Inventory list
Identifier Title Level of description Date Sort ascending Digital object
R227/8/27403/26351 International Conference for the Reduction of Naval Armaments - Correspondence with the Danish Government on this subject. File 0923.03.22
R5574/19/31383 Application for documents by Swiss Political and Economic Archive - Basel. Sub-sub-series 937 - 1941
R89/2/39799 Expulsion of Greeks from Constantinople Sub-sub-series 1024-1925
R471/10/58819/55416 Conference for the establishment of an International Relief Union - July 1927 - Representation of Italy. File 1027
R472/10/55429/55429 Tax Burden in Relation to National Income - Documentation for the 2nd Session of the Preparatory Committee for the International Economic Conference. File 1027
S841/146/2605 Mr. NICOL (William Herbert) File 1028-1934
R2501/9A/2456/2456 The Passport System - File concerning Czechoslovakia. File 1029.03.07
S838/143/2516 Mr. MORIER (René) File 1030-1931
R2658/10A/22566/2697 Financial Committee - 39th Session, September, 1930 – Report. File 1030.09-1930.11
R4268/9B/16870/8410 Coordination and codification of regulations affecting inland navigation - Summary of government replies. File 1035