League of Nations Secretariat

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Identifier Title Sort ascending Level of description Date Digital object
R4602/10C/8406/7587 . File 1933
S693/123/1 - Convention relating to the International Status of Refugees, Geneva, 28 October 1933; - Intergovernmental Conference for Refugees, Geneva, October 1933 - Final Act; - Signed copies File 1933
R1300/21/859/859 " Le tribunal mondial" - Judge D. G. Nyholm - Chapter I. Overview - Chapter II. Details - Chapter III. Rules for the World Court - Chapter IV. Statutes for the World Alliance. File 1928.12
R6218/8E/20740 " L'Organisation d'hygiène et la standardisation biologique" Sub-sub-series 1935-1946
R116/3/52538/37008 [ Saar basin territory ] - Letter from Mr. Peter Weisskircher regarding his domestic difficulties. File 1926.07.07
R116/3/53582/37008 [ Saar basin territory ] - Petition from Mr. Johann Besse for a remission of his term of imprisonment - Mr. Besse. File 1926.08.31
R116/3/60791/37008 [ Saar basin territory ] - Request of Mr. J. Weinberg for a "Staatenlose" (stateless) passport - Mr. Weinberg. File 1927.07.15
R10/1/2320/1347 « C » Mandates – Transmits draft of « C » Mandate for German South West Africa, drawn up by Mr. Hurst, to be approved, if possible, by the Supreme Allied Council before the departure from Paris of the American Delegation. File 1919.12.06
R1276/19/46127/10950 «Diplomatic Prerogatives of non Diplomats » by C. van Vollenhoven - Correspondence respecting File 1925
R1276/19/46118/10950 “Draft code of private international law” by Mr. A. S. de Bustamante y Sirven - Correspondence relating thereto File 1925