North America

Inventory list
Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
LON-G3701.A1 1940 .U83 [United States Counties] Item 1940
LON-G3701.P2 1943 .G46 United States System of Highways Item 1943
LON-G3701.F7 s000 .U55 Sheet G-1 Roosevelt and Dewey States - 1944 Election Item 1945
LON-G3701.F7 s000 .U55 Sheet G-4 [Area by Popular Vote - G-4] Item 1945
LON-G3701.F7 s000 .U55 Sheet G-6 [Area by Popular Vote - G-6] Item 1945
LON-G4090 1916 .G46 State of Indiana Item 1916
LON-G3980 1915 .G46 State of Mississippi Item 1915
LON-G4160 1911 .G46 State of Missouri Item 1911
LON-G3701.H8 1932 .U84 Sheet 1-4 [Oil and Gas Fields of the United States] Item 1932
LON-G4000 1914 .G46 State of Arkansas Item 1914