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Press Cutting "Viscount Cranborne on World Issues To-day - Great Gathering hears him at Bournemouth" Document 1946.06.22 View
A. Gorski's Note about her Meeting with A. Heymowski's Daughter about Greiser's Trial Document 1986.03.23 View
Secretary-General of the League of Nations Invitation to Staff to a Reception on 26 July Document 1946.07.23 View
S. Lester's Note on the Luncheon given by the Swiss Cantonal and Municipal Authorities in the Honour of T. Lie Document 1946.08.05 View
S. Lester's Note about the Visit of Mrs. Moderow to Danzig Document 1946.04.10 View
S. Lester's Letter to T. Lie on the Cooperation between the League and the United Nations and Thank him for the Invitation to attend the United Nations Assembly in New York Document 1946.08.08 View
Press Cutting "Trygve Lie in der Schweiz" with photograph of T. Lie, Moderow and Lester Document 1946.08.05 View
Press Cutting "L'avenir du monde - par M. Trygve Lie" with Photograph of T. Lie and S. Lester and a Caricature on "La Conférence de la Paix" Document 1946.08.08 View
Press Cutting "Débarrassons nos greniers!" Document 1946.08.22 View
Press Cutting "Stopping the World's Drift Towards Disaster - Can the Next Six Months Achieve It?" Document 1946.08.29 View