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Press Cutting "UNRRA et SDN" Document 1943.11.11 View
S. Lester's Draft Letter to S. Jacklin on the Position of Switzerland towards the League of Nations Document 1943.11.18 View
S. Lester's Note on Switzerland and the League of Nations Document 1943.11.19 View
Press Cutting "Lueurs dans la nuit" Document 1943.11.25 View
Letter from V. Sokoline to S. Lester Document 1943.11.30 View
"Le programme de Staline?" Document 1943 View
Press Cutting "The Battle of Berlin" Document 1943.12.01 View
Press Cutting on J. Smuts' Speech Document 1943.12.09 View
E. Felkin's Letter to S. Lester Document 1943.12.12 View
S. Lester's Note on Riesser Document 1943.12.15 View