Private Papers

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The Private papers collection consists either of documents that were prepared or used by League of Nations’ high officials in the performance of or in connection with their functions, and which passed later through the hands of persons outside the Secretariat, or of genuinely private archives of League officials or those who operated in the orbit of the League, including journalists and members of civil society organizations.

It includes the papers of:

  • Thanassis Aghnides (digitized)
  • Georg Arnhold
  • International Association of Journalists (digitized)
  • Association genevoise pour la SDN
  • Joseph Louis Avenol
  • Beyerly
  • Gabrielle Boisseau
  • K.A. Chavichvili
  • René Claparède (digitized)
  • Charles de Visscher
  • Constance Drexel
  • James Eric Drummond (digitized)
  • Estonia/Karl Selter
  • Nosratdoleh Firuz
  • Carlos Garcia Palacios
  • Robert Henri Graf
  • William Martin Hill
  • Jan Hostie
  • International Federation of League of Nations Societies
  • James Avery Joyce, Esq.
  • Kostelecký, Václav (audio files of interviews conducted by Vaclav Kostelecky are available online)
  • Lecomte
  • Sean Lester (digitized)
  • Alexander Loveday
  • Louis Hubert Gonzalve Lyautey
  • Paul Joseph Mantoux (digitized)
  • William Martin; René Mayer
  • Wlodzimierz Moderow (digitized)
  • Laura Puffer Morgan
  • Adrianus Pelt (digitized)
  • Nicolas Socrate Politis
  • T.P. Sevensma
  • Alfred Silbernagel
  • Witney Hart Shepardson
  • Smelter, Trail Tribunal
  • Royall Tyler
  • F.M. Van Asbeck
  • Wurm

Part of the collection is available online. Only part of the collection has been described.

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