Inventory list
Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
LON/BPC/MIN/276 Memorandum on the Slovak Question presented to Brussels by the Slovak National Council… Document 1922
LON/BPC/MIN/278 Decree of November 4, 1928… Document 1928
LON/BPC/MIN/279 Information Regarding the Administration of the Ruthene Territory South of the Carpathians Placed at the Disposal of the Secretary-General of the League of Nations by the Emigrant Ruthenians Document 1921
LON/BPC/MIN/286 To the Genoa Conference Document 1922
LON/BPC/MIN/291 In the German Area of Bohemia (Czechoslovakian Republic)… Document
LON/BPC/MIN/292 Grundsätze eines Welt-Minderheiten-rechts Document 1923
LON/BPC/MIN/295 Zurich Session, Meeting of Wednesday 30 January 1924. Complaint of the Germans of Czechoslovakia. Document 1924
LON/BPC/MIN/298 Anniversary of the Carnage of Pozsony Document 1922
LON/BPC/MIN/308 Die Ansprüche der Tschechen aus dem Sudetenland Document 1919
LON/BPC/MIN/312 Die historische Stellung der Deutschen in Böhmen Document